# # English base translation file # # Should you need to add new logical keys here is the proposed method # # className.ComponantType.componantName # ! Set to the name of the current translation file (used for debugging purposes) debug.currentFile = messages.properties ! RocketActions RocketActions.checkbox.Donotaskmeagain = Do not ask me again RocketActions.lbl.Youcanchangedefop = You can change the default operation in the preferences. RocketActions.showConfirmDialog.lbl1 = Delete the selected simulations? RocketActions.showConfirmDialog.lbl2 = This operation cannot be undone. RocketActions.showConfirmDialog.title = Delete simulations RocketActions.DelCompAct.Delete = Delete RocketActions.DelCompAct.ttip.Delete = Delete the selected component. RocketActions.DelSimuAct.Delete = Delete RocketActions.DelSimuAct.ttip.Delete = Delete the selected simulation. RocketActions.DelAct.Delete = Delete RocketActions.DelAct.ttip.Delete = Delete the selected component or simulation. RocketActions.CutAction.Cut = Cut RocketActions.CutAction.ttip.Cut = Cut this component or simulation to the clipboard and remove from this design RocketActions.CopyAct.Copy = Copy RocketActions.CopyAct.ttip.Copy = Copy this component (and subcomponents) to the clipboard. RocketActions.PasteAct.Paste = Paste RocketActions.PasteAct.ttip.Paste = Paste the component or simulation on the clipboard to the design. RocketActions.EditAct.Edit = Edit RocketActions.EditAct.ttip.Edit = Edit the selected component. RocketActions.NewStageAct.Newstage = New stage RocketActions.NewStageAct.ttip.Newstage = Add a new stage to the rocket design. RocketActions.ActBoosterstage = Booster stage RocketActions.MoveUpAct.Moveup = Move up RocketActions.MoveUpAct.ttip.Moveup = Move this component upwards. RocketActions.MoveDownAct.Movedown = Move down RocketActions.MoveDownAct.ttip.Movedown = Move this component downwards. ! RocketPanel RocketPanel.FigTypeAct.Sideview = Side view RocketPanel.FigTypeAct.ttip.Sideview = Side view RocketPanel.FigTypeAct.Backview = Back view RocketPanel.FigTypeAct.ttip.Backview = Rear view RocketPanel.lbl.Motorcfg = Motor configuration: RocketPanel.lbl.infoMessage = Click to select    Shift+click to select other    Double-click to edit    Click+drag to move ! BasicFrame BasicFrame.SimpleFileFilter1 = All rocket designs (*.ork; *.rkt) BasicFrame.SimpleFileFilter2 = OpenRocket designs (*.ork) BasicFrame.SimpleFileFilter3 = RockSim designs (*.rkt) BasicFrame.tab.Rocketdesign = Rocket design BasicFrame.tab.Flightsim = Flight simulations BasicFrame.title.Addnewcomp = Add new component BasicFrame.item.Openrocketdesign = Open a rocket design BasicFrame.item.Openexamplerocketdesign = Open an example rocket design BasicFrame.item.SavecurRocketdesign = Save the current rocket design BasicFrame.item.SavecurRocketdesnewfile = Save the current rocket design to a new file BasicFrame.item.Printpart = Print parts list and fin template BasicFrame.item.Closedesign = Close the current rocket design BasicFrame.item.Quitprogram = Quit the program BasicFrame.menu.Rocketedt = Rocket editing BasicFrame.dlg.lbl1 = Design ' BasicFrame.dlg.lbl2 = ' has not been saved. BasicFrame.dlg.lbl3 = Do you want to save it? BasicFrame.dlg.title = Design not saved BasicFrame.StageName.Sustainer = Sustainer BasicFrame.WarningDialog.txt1 = The following problems were encountered while opening BasicFrame.WarningDialog.txt2 = Some design features may not have been loaded correctly. BasicFrame.WarningDialog.title = Warnings while opening file ! Labels used in buttons of dialog windows button.ok = OK button.cancel = Cancel button.close = Close ! Common labels used in buttons of dialog windows dlg.but.ok = OK dlg.but.cancel = Cancel dlg.but.close = Close ! About Dialog about.dlg.but.close = Close about.dlg.lbl.translation = about.dlg.lbl.transwebsite = ! Bug Report dialog bugreport.dlg.title = Bug report bugreport.dlg.but.Sendbugreport = Send bug report bugreport.dlg.but.Sendbugreport.Ttip = Automatically send the bug report to the OpenRocket developers. bugreport.dlg.successmsg1 = Bug report successfully sent. bugreport.dlg.successmsg2 = Thank you for helping make OpenRocket better! bugreport.dlg.successmsg3 = Bug report sent bugreport.dlg.connectedInternet = If connected to the Internet, you can simply click Send bug report. bugreport.dlg.otherwise = Otherwise, send the text below to the address: bugreport.lbl.Theinformation = The information above may be included in a public bug report. Make sure it does not contain any sensitive information you do not want to be made public. bugreport.dlg.failedmsg1 = OpenRocket was unable to send the bug report: bugreport.dlg.failedmsg2 = Please send the report manually to bugreport.dlg.failedmsg3 = Error sending report bugreport.reportDialog.txt = You can report a bug in OpenRocket by filling in and submitting the form below.
You can also report bugs and include attachments on the project web site. bugreport.reportDialog.txt2 = Please include a short description about what you were doing when the exception occurred. ! Debug log dialog debuglogdlg.but.clear = Clear debuglogdlg.OpenRocketdebuglog = OpenRocket debug log debuglogdlg.Displayloglines = Display log lines: debuglogdlg.Follow = Follow debuglogdlg.col.Time = Time debuglogdlg.col.Level = Level debuglogdlg.col.Location = Location debuglogdlg.col.Message = Message debuglogdlg.lbl.Loglinenbr = Log line number: debuglogdlg.lbl.Time = Time: debuglogdlg.lbl.Level = Level: ! Edit Motor configuration dialog edtmotorconfdlg.but.removemotor = Remove motor edtmotorconfdlg.but.Selectmotor = Select motor edtmotorconfdlg.but.Removeconfiguration = Remove configuration edtmotorconfdlg.but.Newconfiguration = New configuration edtmotorconfdlg.lbl.Motormounts = Motor mounts: edtmotorconfdlg.title.Editmotorconf = Edit motor configurations edtmotorconfdlg.selectcomp = Select which components function as motor mounts: edtmotorconfdlg.lbl.Motorconfig = Motor configurations: edtmotorconfdlg.lbl.Configname = Configuration name: edtmotorconfdlg.lbl.Leavenamedefault = Leave name empty for default. ! Example design dialog exdesigndlg.but.open = Open exdesigndlg.lbl.Selectexample = Select example designs to open: exdesigndlg.lbl.Openexampledesign = Open example design exdesigndlg.lbl.Exampledesignsnotfound = Example designs could not be found. exdesigndlg.lbl.Examplesnotfound = Examples not found ! Print panel dialog printdlg.but.saveaspdf = Save as PDF printdlg.but.preview = Preview printdlg.but.settings = Settings ! Material edit panel matedtpan.but.new = New matedtpan.but.edit = Edit matedtpan.but.delete = Delete matedtpan.but.revertall = Revert all matedtpan.col.Material = Material matedtpan.col.Type = Type matedtpan.col.Density = Density matedtpan.col.but.ttip.New = Add a new material matedtpan.title.Addcustmaterial = Add a custom material matedtpan.but.ttip.edit = Edit an existing material matedtpan.title.Editmaterial = Edit material matedtpan.title2.Editmaterial = The built-in materials cannot be modified. matedtpan.but.ttip.delete = Delete a user-defined material matedtpan.but.ttip.revertall = Delete all user-defined materials matedtpan.title.Deletealluser-defined = Delete all user-defined materials? matedtpan.title.Revertall = Revert all? matedtpan.lbl.edtmaterials = Editing materials will not affect existing rocket designs. !MaterialModel MaterialModel.title.Material = Material MaterialModel.title.Defcustmat = Define custom material ! Preference dialog pref.dlg.but.add = Add pref.dlg.but.reset = Reset pref.dlg.but.checknow = Check now pref.dlg.but.defaultmetric = Default metric pref.dlg.but.defaultimperial = Default imperial pref.dlg.title.Preferences = Preferences pref.dlg.tab.Units = Units pref.dlg.tab.Defaultunits = Default units pref.dlg.tab.Materials = Materials pref.dlg.tab.Custommaterials = Custom materials pref.dlg.tab.Options = Options pref.dlg.tab.Miscellaneousoptions = Miscellaneous options pref.dlg.lbl.Positiontoinsert = Position to insert new body components: pref.dlg.lbl.Confirmdeletion = Confirm deletion of simulations: pref.dlg.lbl.User-definedthrust = User-defined thrust curves: pref.dlg.Allthrustcurvefiles = All thrust curve files (*.eng; *.rse; *.zip; directories) pref.dlg.RASPfiles = RASP motor files (*.eng) pref.dlg.RockSimfiles = RockSim engine files (*.rse) pref.dlg.ZIParchives = ZIP archives (*.zip) pref.dlg.checkbox.Checkupdates = Check for software updates at startup pref.dlg.ttip.Checkupdatesnow = Check for software updates now pref.dlg.lbl.Selectprefunits = Select your preferred units: pref.dlg.lbl.Rocketdimensions = Rocket dimensions: pref.dlg.lbl.Linedensity = Line density: pref.dlg.lbl.Motordimensions = Motor dimensions: pref.dlg.lbl.Surfacedensity = Surface density: pref.dlg.lbl.Distance = Distance: pref.dlg.lbl.Bulkdensity = Bulk density:: pref.dlg.lbl.Velocity = Velocity: pref.dlg.lbl.Surfaceroughness = Surface roughness: pref.dlg.lbl.Acceleration = Acceleration: pref.dlg.lbl.Area = Area: pref.dlg.lbl.Mass = Mass: pref.dlg.lbl.Angle = Angle: pref.dlg.lbl.Force = Force: pref.dlg.lbl.Rollrate = Roll rate: pref.dlg.lbl.Totalimpulse = Total impulse: pref.dlg.lbl.Temperature = Temperature: pref.dlg.lbl.Momentofinertia = Moment of inertia: pref.dlg.lbl.Pressure = Pressure: pref.dlg.lbl.Stability = Stability: pref.dlg.lbl.effect1 = The effects will take place the next time you open a window. pref.dlg.lbl.Checkingupdates = Checking for updates... pref.dlg.lbl.msg1 = An error occurred while communicating with the server. pref.dlg.lbl.msg2 = Unable to retrieve update information pref.dlg.lbl.msg3 = You are running the latest version of OpenRocket. pref.dlg.lbl.msg4 = No updates available pref.dlg.PrefChoiseSelector1 = Always ask pref.dlg.PrefChoiseSelector2 = Insert in middle pref.dlg.PrefChoiseSelector3 = Add to end pref.dlg.PrefBooleanSelector1 = Delete pref.dlg.PrefBooleanSelector2 = Confirm pref.dlg.Add = Add pref.dlg.DescriptionArea.Adddirectories = Add directories, RASP motor files (*.eng), RockSim engine files (*.rse) or ZIP archives separated by a semicolon (;) to load external thrust curves. Changes will take effect the next time you start OpenRocket. ! Simulation edit dialog simedtdlg.but.runsimulation = Run simulation simedtdlg.but.resettodefault = Reset to default simedtdlg.but.add = Add simedtdlg.but.remove = Remove simedtdlg.title.Editsim = Edit simulation simedtdlg.lbl.Simname = Simulation name: simedtdlg.tab.Launchcond = Launch conditions simedtdlg.tab.Simopt = Simulation options simedtdlg.tab.Plotdata = Plot data simedtdlg.tab.Exportdata = Export data simedtdlg.lbl.Motorcfg = Motor configuration: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Motorcfg = Select the motor configuration to use. simedtdlg.combo.ttip.motorconf = Select the motor configuration to use. simedtdlg.lbl.Wind = Wind simedtdlg.lbl.Averwindspeed = Average windspeed: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Averwindspeed = The average windspeed relative to the ground. simedtdlg.lbl.Stddeviation = Standard deviation: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Stddeviation = The standard deviation of the windspeed.
The windspeed is within twice the standard deviation from the average for 95% of the time. simedtdlg.lbl.Turbulenceintensity = Turbulence intensity: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Turbulenceintensity1 = The turbulence intensity is the standard deviation divided by the average windspeed.
simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Turbulenceintensity2 = Typical values range from simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Turbulenceintensity3 = to simedtdlg.border.Atmoscond = Atmospheric conditions simedtdlg.checkbox.InterStdAtmosphere = Use International Standard Atmosphere simedtdlg.checkbox.ttip.InterStdAtmosphere1 = Select to use the International Standard Atmosphere model.
This model has a temperature of simedtdlg.checkbox.ttip.InterStdAtmosphere2 = and a pressure of simedtdlg.checkbox.ttip.InterStdAtmosphere3 = at sea level. simedtdlg.lbl.Temperature = Temperature: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Temperature = The temperature at the launch site. simedtdlg.lbl.Pressure = Pressure: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Pressure = The atmospheric pressure at the launch site. simedtdlg.lbl.Launchsite = Launch site simedtdlg.lbl.Latitude = Latitude: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Latitude = The launch site latitude affects the gravitational pull of Earth.
Positive values are on the Northern hemisphere, negative values on the Southern hemisphere. simedtdlg.lbl.Altitude = Altitude: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Altitude = The launch altitude above mean sea level.
This affects the position of the rocket in the atmospheric model. simedtdlg.border.Launchrod = Launch rod simedtdlg.lbl.Length = Length: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Length = The length of the launch rod. simedtdlg.lbl.Angle = Angle: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Angle = The angle of the launch rod from vertical. simedtdlg.lbl.Direction = Direction: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Direction1 = Direction of the launch rod relative to the wind.
simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Direction2 = = towards the wind, simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Direction3 = = downwind. simedtdlg.border.Simopt = Simulator options simedtdlg.lbl.Calcmethod = Calculation method: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Calcmethod = The Extended Barrowman method calculates aerodynamic forces according
to the Barrowman equations extended to accommodate more components. simedtdlg.lbl.ExtBarrowman = Extended Barrowman simedtdlg.lbl.Simmethod = Simulation method: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Simmethod1 = The six degree-of-freedom simulator allows the rocket total freedom during flight.
simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Simmethod2 = Integration is performed using a 4th order Runge-Kutta 4 numerical integration. simedtdlg.lbl.Timestep = Time step: simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Timestep1 = The time between simulation steps.
A smaller time step results in a more accurate but slower simulation.
simedtdlg.lbl.ttip.Timestep2 = The 4th order simulation method is quite accurate with a time step of simedtdlg.but.ttip.resettodefault = Reset the time step to its default value ( simedtdlg.border.Simlist = Simulator listeners simedtdlg.txt.longA1 = Simulation listeners is an advanced feature that allows user-written code to listen to and interact with the simulation. simedtdlg.txt.longA2 = For details on writing simulation listeners, see the OpenRocket technical documentation. simedtdlg.lbl.Curlist = Current listeners: simedtdlg.lbl.Addsimlist = Add simulation listener simedtdlg.lbl.Noflightdata = No flight data available. simedtdlg.lbl.runsimfirst = Please run the simulation first. simedtdlg.chart.Simflight = Simulated flight simedtdlg.dlg.Simres = Simulation results simedtdlg.IntensityDesc.None = None simedtdlg.IntensityDesc.Verylow = Very low simedtdlg.IntensityDesc.Low = Low simedtdlg.IntensityDesc.Medium = Medium simedtdlg.IntensityDesc.High = High simedtdlg.IntensityDesc.Veryhigh = Very high simedtdlg.IntensityDesc.Extreme = Extreme ! Simulation Panel simpanel.but.newsimulation = New simulation simpanel.but.editsimulation = Edit simulation simpanel.but.runsimulations = Run simulations simpanel.but.deletesimulations = Delete simulations simpanel.but.plotexport = Plot / export simpanel.but.ttip.newsimulation = Add a new simulation simpanel.but.ttip.editsim = Edit the selected simulation simpanel.but.ttip.runsimu = Re-run the selected simulations simpanel.but.ttip.deletesim = Delete the selected simulations simpanel.checkbox.donotask = Do not ask me again simpanel.lbl.defpref = You can change the default operation in the preferences. simpanel.dlg.lbl.DeleteSim1 = Delete the selected simulations? simpanel.dlg.lbl.DeleteSim2 = This operation cannot be undone. simpanel.dlg.lbl.DeleteSim3 = Delete simulations simpanel.col.Name = Name simpanel.col.Motors = Motors simpanel.col.Apogee = Apogee simpanel.col.Maxvelocity = Max. velocity simpanel.col.Maxacceleration = Max. acceleration simpanel.col.Timetoapogee = Time to apogee simpanel.col.Flighttime = Flight time simpanel.col.Groundhitvelocity = Ground hit velocity ! SimulationRunDialog SimuRunDlg.title.RunSim = Running simulations... SimuRunDlg.lbl.Running = Running ... SimuRunDlg.lbl.Simutime = Simulation time: SimuRunDlg.lbl.Altitude = Altitude: SimuRunDlg.lbl.Velocity = Velocity: SimuRunDlg.msg.Unabletosim = Unable to simulate: SimuRunDlg.msg.errorOccurred = An error occurred during the simulation: SimuRunDlg.msg.AnException1 = An exception occurred during the simulation: SimuRunDlg.msg.AnException2 = Please report this as a bug along with the details below. SimuRunDlg.msg.AssertionError1 = A computation error occurred during the simulation. SimuRunDlg.msg.AssertionError2 = Please report this as a bug along with the details below. SimuRunDlg.msg.unknownerror1 = An unknown error was encountered during the simulation. SimuRunDlg.msg.unknownerror2 = The program may be unstable, you should save all your designs and restart OpenRocket now! ! SimulationExportPanel SimExpPan.desc = Comma Separated Files (*.csv) SimExpPan.border.Vartoexport = Variables to export SimExpPan.but.Selectall = Select all SimExpPan.but.Selectnone = Select none SimExpPan.border.Fieldsep = Field separator SimExpPan.lbl.Fieldsepstr = Field separator string: SimExpPan.lbl.longA1 = The string used to separate the fields in the exported file.
SimExpPan.lbl.longA2 = Use ',' for a Comma Separated Values (CSV) file. SimExpPan.checkbox.Includesimudesc = Include simulation description SimExpPan.checkbox.ttip.Includesimudesc = Include a comment at the beginning of the file describing the simulation. SimExpPan.border.Comments = Comments SimExpPan.checkbox.Includefielddesc = Include field descriptions SimExpPan.checkbox.ttip.Includefielddesc = Include a comment line with the descriptions of the exported variables. SimExpPan.checkbox.Incflightevents = Include flight events SimExpPan.checkbox.ttip.Incflightevents = Include a comment line for every flight event. SimExpPan.lbl.Commentchar = Comment character: SimExpPan.lbl.ttip.Commentchar = The character(s) that mark a comment line. SimExpPan.but.Exporttofile = Export to file... SimExpPan.Fileexists.desc1 = File \" SimExpPan.Fileexists.desc2 = \" exists. Overwrite? SimExpPan.Fileexists.title = File exists SimExpPan.ExportingVar.desc1 = Exporting 1 variable out of SimExpPan.ExportingVar.desc2 = Exporting SimExpPan.ExportingVar.desc3 = variables out of SimExpPan.Col.Variable = Variable SimExpPan.Col.Unit = Unit ! MotorPlot MotorPlot.title.Motorplot = Motor plot MotorPlot.but.Select = Select MotorPlot.Chart.Motorthrustcurve = Motor thrust curve MotorPlot.Chart.Time = Time / s MotorPlot.Chart.Thrust = Thrust / N MotorPlot.txt.Designation = Designation: MotorPlot.txt.Manufacturer = Manufacturer: MotorPlot.txt.Type = Type: MotorPlot.txt.Delays = Delays: MotorPlot.txt.Comment = Comment:\n ! Simulation plot panel simplotpanel.lbl.Presetplotconf = Preset plot configurations: simplotpanel.lbl.Xaxistype = X axis type: simplotpanel.lbl.Unit = Unit: simplotpanel.lbl.Yaxistypes = Y axis types: simplotpanel.lbl.Flightevents = Flight events: simplotpanel.but.All = All simplotpanel.but.None = None simplotpanel.but.NewYaxisplottype = New Y axis plot type simplotpanel.but.Plotflight = Plot flight simplotpanel.lbl.Axis = Axis: simplotpanel.but.ttip.Removethisplot = Remove this plot simplotpanel.Desc = The data will be plotted in time order even if the X axis type is not time. simplotpanel.OptionPane.lbl1 = A maximum of 15 plots is allowed. simplotpanel.OptionPane.lbl2 = Cannot add plot simplotpanel.AUTO_NAME = Auto simplotpanel.LEFT_NAME = Left simplotpanel.RIGHT_NAME = Right simplotpanel.CUSTOM = Custom ! Component add buttons compaddbuttons.Bodycompandfinsets = Body components and fin sets compaddbuttons.Nosecone = Nose cone compaddbuttons.Bodytube = Body tube compaddbuttons.Transition = Transition compaddbuttons.Trapezoidal = Trapezoidal compaddbuttons.Elliptical = Elliptical compaddbuttons.Freeform = Freeform compaddbuttons.Launchlug = Launch lug compaddbuttons.Innercomponent = Inner component compaddbuttons.Innertube = Inner tube compaddbuttons.Coupler = Coupler compaddbuttons.Centeringring = Centering\nring compaddbuttons.Bulkhead = Bulkhead compaddbuttons.Engineblock = Engine\nblock compaddbuttons.Massobjects = Mass objects compaddbuttons.Parachute = Parachute compaddbuttons.Streamer = Streamer compaddbuttons.Shockcord = Shock cord compaddbuttons.Masscomponent = Mass\ncomponent compaddbuttons.Donotaskmeagain = Do not ask me again compaddbuttons.Selectcomppos = Select component position compaddbuttons.lbl.Youcanchange = You can change the default operation in the preferences. compaddbuttons.lbl.insertcomp = Insert the component after the current component or as the last component? compaddbuttons.askPosition.Inserthere = Insert here compaddbuttons.askPosition.Addtotheend = Add to the end compaddbuttons.askPosition.Cancel = Cancel ! Component Analysis Dialog componentanalysisdlg.componentanalysis = Component analysis componentanalysisdlg.lbl.winddir = Wind direction: componentanalysisdlg.TitledBorder.warnings = Warnings: componentanalysisdlg.ToggleBut.worst = Worst componentanalysisdlg.lbl.angleofattack = Angle of attack: componentanalysisdlg.lbl.machnumber = Mach number: componentanalysisdlg.lbl.rollrate = Roll rate: componentanalysisdlg.lbl.activestages = Active stages: componentanalysisdlg.lbl.motorconf = Motor configuration: componentanalysisdlg.TabStability.Col = Component componentanalysisdlg.TabStability = Stability componentanalysisdlg.TabStability.ttip = Stability information componentanalysisdlg.dragTableModel.Col.Component = Component componentanalysisdlg.dragTableModel.Col.Pressure = Pressure CD componentanalysisdlg.dragTableModel.Col.Base = Base CD componentanalysisdlg.dragTableModel.Col.friction = Friction CD componentanalysisdlg.dragTableModel.Col.total = Total CD componentanalysisdlg.dragTabchar = Drag characteristics componentanalysisdlg.dragTabchar.ttip = Drag characteristics componentanalysisdlg.rollTableModel.Col.component = Component componentanalysisdlg.rollTableModel.Col.rollforc = Roll forcing coefficient componentanalysisdlg.rollTableModel.Col.rolldamp = Roll damping coefficient componentanalysisdlg.rollTableModel.Col.total = Total Cl componentanalysisdlg.rollTableModel = Roll dynamics componentanalysisdlg.rollTableModel.ttip = Roll dynamics componentanalysisdlg.println.closingmethod = Closing method called: componentanalysisdlg.println.settingnam = SETTING NAN VALUES componentanalysisdlg.lbl.reflenght = Reference length: componentanalysisdlg.lbl.refarea = Reference area: !componentanalysisdlg.But.close =Close ! Custom Material dialog custmatdlg.title.Custommaterial = Custom material custmatdlg.lbl.Materialname = Material name: custmatdlg.lbl.Materialtype = Material type: custmatdlg.lbl.Materialdensity = Material density: custmatdlg.checkbox.Addmaterial = Add material to database ! Ring Component Config ringcompcfg.OuterRadius = OuterRadius ringcompcfg.Automatic = Automatic ringcompcfg.InnerRadius = InnerRadius ringcompcfg.Thickness = Thickness ringcompcfg.Length = Length ringcompcfg.Positionrelativeto = Position relative to: ringcompcfg.plus = plus ringcompcfg.PositionValue = PositionValue ringcompcfg.Radialdistance = Radial distance: ringcompcfg.Distancefrom = Distance from the rocket centerline ringcompcfg.Radialdirection = Radial direction ringcompcfg.radialdirectionfrom = The radial direction from the rocket centerline ringcompcfg.but.Reset = Reset ringcompcfg.but.Resetcomponant = Reset the component to the rocket centerline ringcompcfg.EngineBlock.desc = An engine block stops the motor from moving forwards in the motor mount tube.

In order to add a motor, create a body tube or inner tube and mark it as a motor mount in the Motor tab. ringcompcfg.note.desc = Note: An inner tube will not affect the aerodynamics of the rocket even if it is located outside of the body tube. ! Body Tube Config BodyTubecfg.lbl.Bodytubelength = Body tube length: BodyTubecfg.lbl.Outerdiameter = Outer diameter: BodyTubecfg.lbl.Innerdiameter = Inner diameter: BodyTubecfg.lbl.Wallthickness = Wall thickness: BodyTubecfg.tab.General = General BodyTubecfg.tab.Generalproperties = General properties BodyTubecfg.tab.Motor = Motor BodyTubecfg.tab.Motormountconf = Motor mount configuration BodyTubecfg.checkbox.Automatic = Automatic BodyTubecfg.checkbox.Filled = Filled ! FinSetConfig FinSetConfig.tab.Fintabs = Fin tabs FinSetConfig.tab.Through-the-wall = Through-the-wall fin tabs FinSetConfig.but.Converttofreeform = Convert to freeform FinSetConfig.but.Converttofreeform.ttip = Convert this fin set into a freeform fin set FinSetConfig.Convertfinset = Convert fin set FinSetConfig.but.Splitfins = Split fins FinSetConfig.but.Splitfins.ttip = Split the fin set into separate fins FinSetConfig.lbl.Through-the-wall = Through-the-wall fin tabs: FinSetConfig.lbl.Tablength = Tab length: FinSetConfig.ttip.Tablength = The length of the fin tab. FinSetConfig.lbl.Tabheight = Tab height: FinSetConfig.ttip.Tabheight = The spanwise height of the fin tab. FinSetConfig.lbl.Tabposition = Tab position: FinSetConfig.ttip.Tabposition = The position of the fin tab. FinSetConfig.lbl.relativeto = relative to ! MotorDatabaseLoadingDialog MotorDbLoadDlg.title = Loading motors MotorDbLoadDlg.Loadingmotors = Loading motors... ! RocketConfig RocketCfg.lbl.Designname = Design name: RocketCfg.lbl.Designer = Designer: RocketCfg.lbl.Comments = Comments: RocketCfg.lbl.Revisionhistory = Revision history: RocketCfg.lbl.Material = Material: ! ShockCordConfig ShockCordCfg.lbl.Shockcordlength = Shock cord length ! RocketComponentConfig RocketCompCfg.lbl.Componentname = Component name: RocketCompCfg.ttip.Thecomponentname = The component name. RocketCompCfg.tab.Override = Override RocketCompCfg.tab.MassandCGoverride = Mass and CG override options RocketCompCfg.tab.Figure = Figure RocketCompCfg.tab.Figstyleopt = Figure style options RocketCompCfg.tab.Comment = Comment RocketCompCfg.tab.Specifyacomment = Specify a comment for the component RocketCompCfg.lbl.Mass = Mass: RocketCompCfg.lbl.Componentmass = Component mass: RocketCompCfg.lbl.overriddento = (overridden to RocketCompCfg.lbl.overriddenby = (overridden by RocketCompCfg.lbl.Componentmaterial = Component material: RocketCompCfg.lbl.Componentfinish = Component finish: RocketCompCfg.lbl.ttip.componentmaterialaffects = The component material affects the weight of the component. RocketCompCfg.combo.ttip.componentmaterialaffects = The component material affects the weight of the component. RocketCompCfg.lbl.longA1 = The component finish affects the aerodynamic drag of the component.
RocketCompCfg.lbl.longA2 = The value indicated is the average roughness height of the surface. RocketCompCfg.but.Setforall = Set for all RocketCompCfg.but.ttip.Setforall = Set this finish for all components of the rocket. RocketCompCfg.lbl.Overridemassorcenter = Override the mass or center of gravity of the RocketCompCfg.checkbox.Overridemass = Override mass: RocketCompCfg.checkbox.Overridecenterofgrav = Override center of gravity: RocketCompCfg.checkbox.OverridemassandCG = Override mass and CG of all subcomponents RocketCompCfg.lbl.longB1 = The overridden mass does not include motors.
RocketCompCfg.lbl.longB2 = The center of gravity is measured from the front end of the RocketCompCfg.lbl.Commentsonthe = Comments on the RocketCompCfg.lbl.Figurestyle = Figure style: RocketCompCfg.lbl.Componentcolor = Component color: RocketCompCfg.lbl.Choosecolor = Choose color RocketCompCfg.checkbox.Usedefaultcolor = Use default color RocketCompCfg.lbl.Complinestyle = Component line style: RocketCompCfg.but.Saveasdefstyle = Save as default style RocketCompCfg.lbl.Diameter = Diameter: RocketCompCfg.lbl.Length = Length: RocketCompCfg.lbl.Thickness = Thickness: RocketCompCfg.checkbox.Endcapped = End capped RocketCompCfg.ttip.Endcapped = Whether the end of the shoulder is capped. RocketCompCfg.title.Noseconeshoulder = Nose cone shoulder RocketCompCfg.title.Aftshoulder = Aft shoulder RocketCompCfg.border.Foreshoulder = Fore shoulder !RocketCompCfg.lbl.Length = Length: ! BulkheadConfig BulkheadCfg.tab.Radius = Radius: BulkheadCfg.tab.Thickness = Thickness: BulkheadCfg.tab.General = General BulkheadCfg.tab.Generalproperties = General properties !CenteringRingConfig CenteringRingCfg.tab.Outerdiam = Outer diameter: CenteringRingCfg.tab.Innerdiam = Inner diameter: CenteringRingCfg.tab.Thickness = Thickness: CenteringRingCfg.tab.General = General CenteringRingCfg.tab.Generalproperties = General properties !ComponentConfigDialog ComponentCfgDlg.configuration = configuration ComponentCfgDlg.Modify = Modify !EllipticalFinSetConfig EllipticalFinSetCfg.Nbroffins = Number of fins: EllipticalFinSetCfg.Rotation = Rotation: EllipticalFinSetCfg.Fincant = Fin cant: EllipticalFinSetCfg.Rootchord = Root chord: EllipticalFinSetCfg.Height = Height: EllipticalFinSetCfg.Positionrelativeto = Position relative to: EllipticalFinSetCfg.plus = plus EllipticalFinSetCfg.FincrossSection = Fin cross section: EllipticalFinSetCfg.Thickness = Thickness: EllipticalFinSetCfg.General = General EllipticalFinSetCfg.Generalproperties = General properties EllipticalFinSetCfg.ttip.Fincant = The angle that the fins are canted with respect to the rocket body. !FreeformFinSetConfig FreeformFinSetCfg.tab.General = General FreeformFinSetCfg.tab.ttip.General = General properties FreeformFinSetCfg.tab.Shape = Shape FreeformFinSetCfg.tab.ttip.Finshape = Fin shape FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.Numberoffins = Number of fins: FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.Finrotation = Fin rotation: FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.Fincant = Fin cant: FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.ttip.Fincant = The angle that the fins are canted with respect to the rocket body. FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.Posrelativeto = Position relative to: FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.plus = plus FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.FincrossSection = Fin cross section: FreeformFinSetCfg.lbl.Thickness = Thickness: !InnerTubeConfig InnerTubeCfg.tab.Motor = Motor InnerTubeCfg.tab.ttip.Motor = Motor mount configuration InnerTubeCfg.tab.Cluster = Cluster InnerTubeCfg.tab.ttip.Cluster = Cluster configuration InnerTubeCfg.tab.Radialpos = Radial position InnerTubeCfg.tab.ttip.Radialpos = Radial position InnerTubeCfg.lbl.Selectclustercfg = Select cluster configuration: InnerTubeCfg.lbl.TubeSep = Tube separation: InnerTubeCfg.lbl.ttip.TubeSep = The separation of the tubes, 1.0 = touching each other InnerTubeCfg.lbl.Rotation = Rotation: InnerTubeCfg.lbl.ttip.Rotation = Rotation angle of the cluster configuration InnerTubeCfg.lbl.Rotangle = Rotation angle of the cluster configuration InnerTubeCfg.but.Splitcluster = Split cluster InnerTubeCfg.lbl.longA1 = Split the cluster into separate components.
InnerTubeCfg.lbl.longA2 = This also duplicates all components attached to this inner tube. InnerTubeCfg.but.Resetsettings = Reset settings InnerTubeCfg.but.ttip.Resetsettings = Reset the separation and rotation to the default values ! LaunchLugConfig LaunchLugCfg.lbl.Length = Length: LaunchLugCfg.lbl.Outerdiam = Outer diameter: LaunchLugCfg.lbl.Innerdiam = Inner diameter: LaunchLugCfg.lbl.Thickness = Thickness: LaunchLugCfg.lbl.Radialpos = Radial position: LaunchLugCfg.lbl.Posrelativeto = Position relative to: LaunchLugCfg.lbl.plus = plus LaunchLugCfg.tab.General = General LaunchLugCfg.tab.Generalprop = General properties ! MassComponentConfig MassComponentCfg.lbl.Mass = Mass MassComponentCfg.lbl.Length = Length MassComponentCfg.lbl.Diameter = Diameter MassComponentCfg.lbl.PosRelativeto = Position relative to: MassComponentCfg.lbl.plus = plus MassComponentCfg.tab.General = General MassComponentCfg.tab.ttip.General = General properties MassComponentCfg.tab.Radialpos = Radial position MassComponentCfg.tab.ttip.Radialpos = Radial position configuration MassComponentCfg.lbl.Radialdistance = Radial distance: MassComponentCfg.lbl.Radialdirection = Radial direction: MassComponentCfg.but.Reset = Reset ! MotorConfig MotorCfg.checkbox.compmotormount = This component is a motor mount MotorCfg.lbl.Motorcfg = Motor configuration: MotorCfg.but.New = New MotorCfg.lbl.Currentmotor = Current motor: MotorCfg.lbl.Motoroverhang = Motor overhang: MotorCfg.lbl.Ignitionat = Ignition at: MotorCfg.lbl.plus = plus MotorCfg.lbl.seconds = seconds MotorCfg.lbl.longA1 = The current design has only one stage. MotorCfg.lbl.longA2 = Stages can be added by clicking \"New stage\". MotorCfg.lbl.longB1 = The current design has MotorCfg.lbl.longB2 = stages. MotorCfg.but.Selectmotor = Select motor MotorCfg.but.Removemotor = Remove motor MotorCfg.lbl.motorLabel = None ! NoseConeConfig NoseConeCfg.lbl.Noseconeshape = Nose cone shape: NoseConeCfg.lbl.Shapeparam = Shape parameter: NoseConeCfg.lbl.Noseconelength = Nose cone length: NoseConeCfg.lbl.Basediam = Base diameter: NoseConeCfg.checkbox.Automatic = Automatic NoseConeCfg.lbl.Wallthickness = Wall thickness: NoseConeCfg.checkbox.Filled = Filled NoseConeCfg.tab.General = General NoseConeCfg.tab.ttip.General = General properties NoseConeCfg.tab.Shoulder = Shoulder NoseConeCfg.tab.ttip.Shoulder = Shoulder properties ! ParachuteConfig ParachuteCfg.lbl.Canopy = Canopy: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Diameter = Diameter: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Material = Material: ParachuteCfg.combo.MaterialModel = The component material affects the weight of the component. ParachuteCfg.lbl.longA1 = Drag coefficient CD: ParachuteCfg.lbl.longB1 = The drag coefficient relative to the total area of the parachute.
ParachuteCfg.lbl.longB2 = A larger drag coefficient yields a slowed descent rate. ParachuteCfg.lbl.longB3 = A typical value for parachutes is 0.8. ParachuteCfg.but.Reset = Reset ParachuteCfg.lbl.Shroudlines = Shroud lines: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Numberoflines = Number of lines: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Linelength = Line length: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Material = Material: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Posrelativeto = Position relative to: ParachuteCfg.lbl.plus = plus ParachuteCfg.lbl.Packedlength = Packed length: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Packeddiam = Packed diameter: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Deploysat = Deploys at: ParachuteCfg.lbl.seconds = seconds ParachuteCfg.lbl.Altitude = Altitude: ParachuteCfg.tab.General = General ParachuteCfg.tab.ttip.General = General properties ParachuteCfg.tab.Radialpos = Radial position ParachuteCfg.tab.ttip.Radialpos = Radial position configuration ParachuteCfg.lbl.Radialdistance = Radial distance: ParachuteCfg.lbl.Radialdirection = Radial direction: ParachuteCfg.but.Reset = Reset ! ShockCordConfig ShockCordCfg.lbl.Shockcordlength = Shock cord length ShockCordCfg.lbl.Shockcordmaterial = Shock cord material: ShockCordCfg.lbl.Posrelativeto = Position relative to: ShockCordCfg.lbl.plus = plus ShockCordCfg.lbl.Packedlength = Packed length: ShockCordCfg.lbl.Packeddiam = Packed diameter: ShockCordCfg.tab.General = General ShockCordCfg.tab.ttip.General = General properties !SleeveConfig SleeveCfg.tab.Outerdiam = Outer diameter: SleeveCfg.tab.Innerdiam = Inner diameter: SleeveCfg.tab.Wallthickness = Wall thickness: SleeveCfg.tab.Length = Length: SleeveCfg.tab.General = General SleeveCfg.tab.Generalproperties = General properties ! StreamerConfig StreamerCfg.lbl.Striplength = Strip length: StreamerCfg.lbl.Stripwidth = Strip width: StreamerCfg.lbl.Striparea = Strip area: StreamerCfg.lbl.Aspectratio = Aspect ratio: StreamerCfg.lbl.Material = Material: StreamerCfg.combo.ttip.MaterialModel = The component material affects the weight of the component. StreamerCfg.lbl.longA1 = Drag coefficient CD: StreamerCfg.lbl.longB1 = The drag coefficient relative to the total area of the streamer.
StreamerCfg.lbl.longB2 = A larger drag coefficient yields a slowed descent rate. StreamerCfg.lbl.Automatic = Automatic StreamerCfg.lbl.longC1 = The drag coefficient is relative to the area of the streamer. StreamerCfg.lbl.Posrelativeto = Position relative to: StreamerCfg.lbl.plus = plus StreamerCfg.lbl.Packedlength = Packed length: StreamerCfg.lbl.Packeddiam = Packed diameter: StreamerCfg.lbl.Deploysat = Deploys at: StreamerCfg.lbl.seconds = seconds StreamerCfg.lbl.Altitude = Altitude: StreamerCfg.tab.General = General StreamerCfg.tab.ttip.General = General properties StreamerCfg.tab.Radialpos = Radial position StreamerCfg.tab.ttip.Radialpos = Radial position configuration StreamerCfg.lbl.Radialdistance = Radial distance: StreamerCfg.lbl.Radialdirection = Radial direction: StreamerCfg.but.Reset = Reset ! ThicknessRingComponentConfig ThicknessRingCompCfg.tab.Outerdiam = Outer diameter: ThicknessRingCompCfg.tab.Innerdiam = Inner diameter: ThicknessRingCompCfg.tab.Wallthickness = Wall thickness: ThicknessRingCompCfg.tab.Length = Length: ThicknessRingCompCfg.tab.General = General ThicknessRingCompCfg.tab.Generalprop = General properties ! TransitionConfig TransitionCfg.lbl.Transitionshape = Transition shape: TransitionCfg.checkbox.Clipped = Clipped TransitionCfg.lbl.Shapeparam = Shape parameter: TransitionCfg.lbl.Transitionlength = Transition length: TransitionCfg.lbl.Forediam = Fore diameter: TransitionCfg.checkbox.Automatic = Automatic TransitionCfg.lbl.Aftdiam = Aft diameter: TransitionCfg.lbl.Wallthickness = Wall thickness: TransitionCfg.checkbox.Filled = Filled TransitionCfg.tab.General = General TransitionCfg.tab.Generalproperties = General properties TransitionCfg.tab.Shoulder = Shoulder TransitionCfg.tab.Shoulderproperties = Shoulder properties ! TrapezoidFinSetConfig TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Nbroffins = Number of fins: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.ttip.Nbroffins = The number of fins in the fin set. TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Finrotation = Fin rotation: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.ttip.Finrotation = The angle of the first fin in the fin set. TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Fincant = Fin cant: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.ttip.Fincant =The angle that the fins are canted with respect to the rocket body. TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Rootchord = Root chord: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Tipchord = Tip chord: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Height = Height: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Sweeplength = Sweep length: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Sweepangle = Sweep angle: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.FincrossSection = Fin cross section: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Thickness = Thickness: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.Posrelativeto = Position relative to: TrapezoidFinSetCfg.lbl.plus = plus TrapezoidFinSetCfg.tab.General = General TrapezoidFinSetCfg.tab.Generalproperties = General properties !MotorConfigurationModel MotorCfgModel.Editcfg = Edit configurations ! StorageOptionChooser StorageOptChooser.lbl.Simdatatostore = Simulated data to store: StorageOptChooser.rdbut.Allsimdata = All simulated data StorageOptChooser.lbl.longA1 = Store all simulated data.
StorageOptChooser.lbl.longA2 = This can result in very large files! StorageOptChooser.rdbut.Every = Every StorageOptChooser.lbl.longB1 = Store plottable values approximately this far apart.
StorageOptChooser.lbl.longB2 = Larger values result in smaller files. StorageOptChooser.lbl.seconds = seconds StorageOptChooser.rdbut.Onlyprimfig = Only primary figures StorageOptChooser.lbl.longC1 = Store only the values shown in the summary table.
StorageOptChooser.lbl.longC2 = This results in the smallest files. StorageOptChooser.checkbox.Compfile = Compress file StorageOptChooser.lbl.UsingComp = Using compression reduces the file size significantly. StorageOptChooser.lbl.longD1 = An estimate on how large the resulting file would be with the present options. StorageOptChooser.ttip.Saveopt = Save options StorageOptChooser.lbl.Estfilesize = Estimated file size: StorageOptChooser.lbl.Saveopt = Save options ! ThrustCurveMotorSelectionPanel TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Selrocketmotor = Select rocket motor: TCMotorSelPan.checkbox.hideSimilar = Hide very similar thrust curves TCMotorSelPan.SHOW_DESCRIPTIONS.desc1 = Show all motors TCMotorSelPan.SHOW_DESCRIPTIONS.desc2 = Show motors with diameter less than that of the motor mount TCMotorSelPan.SHOW_DESCRIPTIONS.desc3 = Show motors with diameter equal to that of the motor mount TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Motormountdia = Motor mount diameter: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Search = Search: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Selectthrustcurve = Select thrust curve: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Ejectionchargedelay = Ejection charge delay: TCMotorSelPan.equalsIgnoreCase.None = None TCMotorSelPan.lbl.NumberofsecondsorNone = (Number of seconds or \"None\") TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Totalimpulse = Total impulse: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Avgthrust = Avg. thrust: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Maxthrust = Max. thrust: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Burntime = Burn time: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Launchmass = Launch mass: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Emptymass = Empty mass: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Datapoints = Data points: TCMotorSelPan.lbl.Digest = Digest: TCMotorSelPan.title.Thrustcurve = Thrust curve: TCMotorSelPan.title.Thrust = Thrust TCMotorSelPan.delayBox.None = None ! PlotDialog PlotDialog.title.Flightdataplot = Flight data plot PlotDialog.Chart.Simulatedflight = Simulated flight PlotDialog.CheckBox.Showdatapoints = Show data points PlotDialog.lbl.Chart = Click+drag down+right to zoom in, up+left to zoom out ! "main" prefix is used for the main application dialog main.menu.file = File main.menu.file.new = New main.menu.file.open = Open... main.menu.file.openExample = Open example... main.menu.file.save = Save main.menu.file.saveAs = Save as... main.menu.file.print = Print... main.menu.file.close = Close main.menu.file.quit = Quit main.menu.edit = Edit main.menu.edit.undo = Undo main.menu.edit.redo = Redo main.menu.edit.cut = Cut main.menu.edit.copy = Copy main.menu.edit.paste = Paste main.menu.edit.delete = Delete main.menu.edit.preferences = Preferences main.menu.analyze = Analyze main.menu.analyze.componentAnalysis = Component analysis main.menu.help = Help main.menu.help.license = License main.menu.help.bugReport = Bug report main.menu.help.debugLog = Debug log main.menu.help.about = About main.menu.debug = Debug main.menu.debug.whatisthismenu = What is this menu? main.menu.debug.createtestrocket = Create test rocket ! database ! Translate here all material database ! ! Material database ! BULK_MATERIAL Databases.materials.Acrylic = Acrylic Databases.materials.Balsa = Balsa Databases.materials.Birch = Birch Databases.materials.Cardboard = Cardboard Databases.materials.Carbonfiber = Carbon fiber Databases.materials.Cork = Cork Databases.materials.DepronXPS = Depron (XPS) Databases.materials.Fiberglass = Fiberglass Databases.materials.Kraftphenolic = Kraft phenolic Databases.materials.Maple = Maple Databases.materials.Paperoffice = Paper (office) Databases.materials.Pine = Pine Databases.materials.Plywoodbirch = Plywood (birch) Databases.materials.PolycarbonateLexan = Polycarbonate (Lexan) Databases.materials.Polystyrene = Polystyrene Databases.materials.PVC = PVC Databases.materials.Spruce = Spruce Databases.materials.StyrofoamgenericEPS = Styrofoam (generic EPS) Databases.materials.StyrofoamBluefoamXPS = Styrofoam \"Blue foam\" (XPS) Databases.materials.Quantumtubing = Quantum tubing !SURFACE_MATERIAL Databases.materials.Ripstopnylon = Ripstop nylon Databases.materials.Mylar = Mylar Databases.materials.Polyethylenethin = Polyethylene (thin) Databases.materials.Polyethyleneheavy = Polyethylene (heavy) Databases.materials.Silk = Silk Databases.materials.Paperoffice = Paper (office) Databases.materials.Cellophane = Cellophane Databases.materials.Creape paper = Cr\u00eape paper ! LINE_MATERIAL Databases.materials.Threadheavy-duty = Thread (heavy-duty) Databases.materials.Elasticcordround2mm = Elastic cord (round 2mm, 1/16 in) Databases.materials.Elasticcordflat6mm = Elastic cord (flat 6mm, 1/4 in) Databases.materials.Elasticcordflat12mm = Elastic cord (flat 12mm, 1/2 in) Databases.materials.Elasticcordflat19mm = Elastic cord (flat 19mm, 3/4 in) Databases.materials.Elasticcordflat25mm = Elastic cord (flat 25mm, 1 in) Databases.materials.Braidednylon2mm = Braided nylon (2 mm, 1/16 in) Databases.materials.Braidednylon3mm = Braided nylon (3 mm, 1/8 in) Databases.materials.Tubularnylon11mm = Tubular nylon (11 mm, 7/16 in) Databases.materials.Tubularnylon14mm = Tubular nylon (14 mm, 9/16 in) Databases.materials.Tubularnylon25mm = Tubular nylon (25 mm, 1 in) ! ExternalComponent ExternalComponent.Rough = Rough ExternalComponent.Unfinished = Unfinished ExternalComponent.Regularpaint = Regular paint ExternalComponent.Smoothpaint = Smooth paint ExternalComponent.Polished = Polished ! LineStyle LineStyle.Solid = Solid LineStyle.Dashed = Dashed LineStyle.Dotted = Dotted LineStyle.Dash-dotted = Dash-dotted LineStyle.Defaultstyle = Default style ! Shape Shape.Conical = Conical Shape.Conical.desc1 = A conical nose cone has a profile of a triangle. Shape.Conical.desc2 = A conical transition has straight sides. Shape.Ogive = Ogive Shape.Ogive.desc1 = An ogive nose cone has a profile that is a segment of a circle. The shape parameter value 1 produces a tangent ogive, which has a smooth transition to the body tube, values less than 1 produce secant ogives. Shape.Ogive.desc2 = An ogive transition has a profile that is a segment of a circle. The shape parameter value 1 produces a tangent ogive, which has a smooth transition to the body tube at the aft end, values less than 1 produce secant ogives. Shape.Ellipsoid = Ellipsoid Shape.Ellipsoid.desc1 = An ellipsoidal nose cone has a profile of a half-ellipse with major axes of lengths 2×Length and Diameter. Shape.Ellipsoid.desc2 = An ellipsoidal transition has a profile of a half-ellipse with major axes of lengths 2×Length and Diameter. If the transition is not clipped, then the profile is extended at the center by the corresponding radius. Shape.Powerseries = Power series Shape.Powerseries.descA1 = A power series nose cone has a profile of Radius × (x / Length)k where k is the shape parameter. For k=0.5 this is a Shape.Powerseries.descA2 = -power or parabolic nose cone, for k=0.75 a Shape.Powerseries.descA3 = -power, and for k=1 a conical nose cone. Shape.Powerseries.descB1 = A power series transition has a profile of Radius × (x / Length)k where k is the shape parameter. For k=0.5 the transition is Shape.Powerseries.descB2 = -power or parabolic, for k=0.75 a Shape.Powerseries.descB3 = -power, and for k=1 conical. Shape.Parabolicseries = Parabolic series Shape.Parabolicseries.desc1 = A parabolic series nose cone has a profile of a parabola. The shape parameter defines the segment of the parabola to utilize. The shape parameter 1.0 produces a full parabola which is tangent to the body tube, 0.75 produces a 3/4 parabola, 0.5 procudes a 1/2 parabola and 0 produces a conical nose cone. Shape.Parabolicseries.desc2 = A parabolic series transition has a profile of a parabola. The shape parameter defines the segment of the parabola to utilize. The shape parameter 1.0 produces a full parabola which is tangent to the body tube at the aft end, 0.75 produces a 3/4 parabola, 0.5 procudes a 1/2 parabola and 0 produces a conical transition. Shape.Haackseries = Haack series Shape.Haackseries.desc1 = The Haack series nose cones are designed to minimize drag. The shape parameter 0 produces an LD-Haack or Von Karman nose cone, which minimizes drag for fixed length and diameter, while a value of 0.333 produces an LV-Haack nose cone, which minimizes drag for fixed length and volume. Shape.Haackseries.desc2 = The Haack series nose cones are designed to minimize drag. These transition shapes are their equivalents, but do not necessarily produce optimal drag for transitions. The shape parameter 0 produces an LD-Haack or Von Karman shape, while a value of 0.333 produces an LV-Haack shape. ! RocketComponent RocketComponent.Position.TOP = Top of the parent component RocketComponent.Position.MIDDLE = Middle of the parent component RocketComponent.Position.BOTTOM = Bottom of the parent component RocketComponent.Position.AFTER = After the parent component RocketComponent.Position.ABSOLUTE = Tip of the nose cone ! LaunchLug LaunchLug.Launchlug = Launch lug ! NoseCone NoseCone.NoseCone = Nose cone ! Transition Transition.Transition = Transition !Stage Stage.Stage = Stage ! BodyTube BodyTube.BodyTube = Body tube ! TubeCoupler TubeCoupler.TubeCoupler = Tube coupler !InnerTube InnerTube.InnerTube = Inner Tube ! TrapezoidFinSet TrapezoidFinSet.TrapezoidFinSet = Trapezoidal fin set ! FreeformFinSet FreeformFinSet.FreeformFinSet = Freeform fin set !MassComponent MassComponent.MassComponent = Mass component ! Parachute Parachute.Parachute = Parachute ! ShockCord ShockCord.ShockCord = Shock cord ! Bulkhead Bulkhead.Bulkhead = Bulkhead !Rocket Rocket.motorCount.Nomotor = [No motors] Rocket.compname.Rocket = Rocket !MotorMount MotorMount.IgnitionEvent.AUTOMATIC = Automatic (launch or ejection charge) MotorMount.IgnitionEvent.LAUNCH = Launch MotorMount.IgnitionEvent.EJECTION_CHARGE = First ejection charge of previous stage MotorMount.IgnitionEvent.BURNOUT = First burnout of previous stage MotorMount.IgnitionEvent.NEVER = Never !ComponentIcons ComponentIcons.Nosecone = Nose cone ComponentIcons.Bodytube = Body tube ComponentIcons.Transition = Transition ComponentIcons.Trapezoidalfinset = Trapezoidal fin set ComponentIcons.Ellipticalfinset = Elliptical fin set ComponentIcons.Freeformfinset = Freeform fin set ComponentIcons.Launchlug = Launch lug ComponentIcons.Innertube = Inner tube ComponentIcons.Tubecoupler = Tube coupler ComponentIcons.Centeringring = Centering ring ComponentIcons.Bulkhead = Bulk head ComponentIcons.Engineblock = Engine block ComponentIcons.Parachute = Parachute ComponentIcons.Streamer = Streamer ComponentIcons.Shockcord = Shock cord ComponentIcons.Masscomponent = Mass component ComponentIcons.disabled = (disabled) ! StageAction StageAction.Stage = Stage ! RecoveryDevice RecoveryDevice.DeployEvent.LAUNCH = Launch (plus NN seconds) RecoveryDevice.DeployEvent.EJECTION = First ejection charge of this stage RecoveryDevice.DeployEvent.APOGEE = Apogee RecoveryDevice.DeployEvent.ALTITUDE = Specific altitude during descent RecoveryDevice.DeployEvent.NEVER = Never ! FlightEvent FlightEvent.Type.LAUNCH = Launch FlightEvent.Type.IGNITION = Motor ignition FlightEvent.Type.LIFTOFF = Lift-off FlightEvent.Type.LAUNCHROD = Launch rod clearance FlightEvent.Type.BURNOUT = Motor burnout FlightEvent.Type.EJECTION_CHARGE = Ejection charge FlightEvent.Type.STAGE_SEPARATION = Stage separation FlightEvent.Type.APOGEE = Apogee FlightEvent.Type.RECOVERY_DEVICE_DEPLOYMENT = Recovery device deployment FlightEvent.Type.GROUND_HIT = Ground hit FlightEvent.Type.SIMULATION_END = Simulation end FlightEvent.Type.ALTITUDE = Altitude change ! ThrustCurveMotorColumns TCurveMotorCol.MANUFACTURER = Manufacturer TCurveMotorCol.DESIGNATION = Designation TCurveMotorCol.TYPE = Type TCurveMotorCol.DIAMETER = Diameter TCurveMotorCol.LENGTH = Length ! RocketInfo RocketInfo.lengthLine.Length = Length RocketInfo.lengthLine.maxdiameter = , max. diameter RocketInfo.massText1 = Mass with motors RocketInfo.massText2 = Mass with no motors RocketInfo.at = at M= RocketInfo.cgText = CG: RocketInfo.cpText = CP: RocketInfo.stabText = Stability: RocketInfo.Warning = Warning: RocketInfo.Calculating = Calculating... RocketInfo.Apogee = Apogee: RocketInfo.Maxvelocity = Max. velocity: RocketInfo.Maxacceleration = Max. acceleration: RocketInfo.apogeeValue = N/A RocketInfo.Mach = (Mach RocketInfo.velocityValue = N/A RocketInfo.accelerationValue = N/A ! FinSet FinSet.CrossSection.SQUARE = Square FinSet.CrossSection.ROUNDED = Rounded FinSet.CrossSection.AIRFOIL = Airfoil FinSet.TabRelativePosition.FRONT = Root chord leading edge FinSet.TabRelativePosition.CENTER = Root chord midpoint FinSet.TabRelativePosition.END = Root chord trailing edge ! FlightDataType FlightDataType.TYPE_TIME = Time FlightDataType.TYPE_ALTITUDE = Altitude FlightDataType.TYPE_VELOCITY_Z = Vertical velocity FlightDataType.TYPE_ACCELERATION_Z = Vertical acceleration FlightDataType.TYPE_VELOCITY_TOTAL = Total velocity FlightDataType.TYPE_ACCELERATION_TOTAL = Total acceleration FlightDataType.TYPE_POSITION_X = Position upwind FlightDataType.TYPE_POSITION_Y = Position parallel to wind FlightDataType.TYPE_POSITION_XY = Lateral distance FlightDataType.TYPE_POSITION_DIRECTION = Lateral direction FlightDataType.TYPE_VELOCITY_XY = Lateral velocity FlightDataType.TYPE_ACCELERATION_XY = Lateral acceleration FlightDataType.TYPE_AOA = Angle of attack FlightDataType.TYPE_ROLL_RATE = Roll rate FlightDataType.TYPE_PITCH_RATE = Pitch rate FlightDataType.TYPE_YAW_RATE = Yaw rate FlightDataType.TYPE_MASS = Mass FlightDataType.TYPE_LONGITUDINAL_INERTIA = Longitudinal moment of inertia FlightDataType.TYPE_ROTATIONAL_INERTIA = Rotational moment of inertia FlightDataType.TYPE_CP_LOCATION = CP location FlightDataType.TYPE_CG_LOCATION = CG location FlightDataType.TYPE_STABILITY = Stability margin calibers FlightDataType.TYPE_MACH_NUMBER = Mach number FlightDataType.TYPE_REYNOLDS_NUMBER = Reynolds number FlightDataType.TYPE_THRUST_FORCE = Thrust FlightDataType.TYPE_DRAG_FORCE = Drag force FlightDataType.TYPE_DRAG_COEFF = Drag coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_AXIAL_DRAG_COEFF = Axial drag coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_FRICTION_DRAG_COEFF = Friction drag coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_PRESSURE_DRAG_COEFF = Pressure drag coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_BASE_DRAG_COEFF = Base drag coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_NORMAL_FORCE_COEFF = Normal force coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_PITCH_MOMENT_COEFF = Pitch moment coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_YAW_MOMENT_COEFF = Yaw moment coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_SIDE_FORCE_COEFF = Side force coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_ROLL_MOMENT_COEFF = Roll moment coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_ROLL_FORCING_COEFF = Roll forcing coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_ROLL_DAMPING_COEFF = Roll damping coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_PITCH_DAMPING_MOMENT_COEFF = Pitch damping coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_YAW_DAMPING_MOMENT_COEFF = Yaw damping coefficient FlightDataType.TYPE_REFERENCE_LENGTH = Reference lenght FlightDataType.TYPE_REFERENCE_AREA = Reference area FlightDataType.TYPE_ORIENTATION_THETA = Vertical orientation (zenith) FlightDataType.TYPE_ORIENTATION_PHI = Lateral orientation (azimuth) FlightDataType.TYPE_WIND_VELOCITY = Wind velocity FlightDataType.TYPE_AIR_TEMPERATURE = Air temperature FlightDataType.TYPE_AIR_PRESSURE = Air pressure FlightDataType.TYPE_SPEED_OF_SOUND = Speed of sound FlightDataType.TYPE_TIME_STEP = Simulation time step FlightDataType.TYPE_COMPUTATION_TIME = Computation time ! PlotConfiguration PlotConfiguration.Verticalmotion = Vertical motion vs. time PlotConfiguration.Totalmotion = Total motion vs. time PlotConfiguration.Flightside = Flight side profile PlotConfiguration.Stability = Stability vs. time PlotConfiguration.Dragcoef = Drag coefficients vs. Mach number PlotConfiguration.Rollcharacteristics = Roll characteristics PlotConfiguration.Angleofattack = Angle of attack and orientation vs. time PlotConfiguration.Simulationtime = Simulation time step and computation time ! Warning Warning.LargeAOA.str1 = Large angle of attack encountered. Warning.LargeAOA.str2 = Large angle of attack encountered ( Warning.DISCONTINUITY = Discontinuity in rocket body diameter. Warning.THICK_FIN = Thick fins may not be modeled accurately. Warning.JAGGED_EDGED_FIN = Jagged-edged fin predictions may be inaccurate. Warning.LISTENERS_AFFECTED = Listeners modified the flight simulation Warning.RECOVERY_DEPLOYMENT_WHILE_BURNING = Recovery device opened while motor still burning. Warning.FILE_INVALID_PARAMETER = Invalid parameter encountered, ignoring.