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Polish (Poland)Italian - ItalyRussian (CIS)Čeština (Česká republika)English (United Kingdom)French (Fr)Español(Spanish Formal International)Deutsch (DE-CH-AT)Japanese(JP)


A beta version of OpenRocket is available for download. This version has the Czech translation and the component database.

Check the download section.


A new version of OpenRocket is available for download. This version has the Russian and Italien translation and an Android version is also available.

For more informations visit


OpenRocket is currently being translated to Russian by the Sky Dart team


OpenRocket has been translated to Italian.



A new OpenRocket web sit is under construction. The goal of this new site is to create an OpenRocket distribution.



The OpenRocket documentation is currently being translated to French.



Jesus Manuel from Tripoli Spain has translated the OpenRocket documentation to Spanish. Some of the Spanish translation in version 1.1.9 have been corrected.


Spanish translations for version 1.1.9 are completed.

Tripoli Spain is currently translating the web site.


French and Spanish translation for OpenRocket version 1.1.9 are beeing prepared. If you want to help translating OpenRocket to another language, do not hesitate to contact me, that his really simple to do.


A new officiel version of OpenRocket now contains all the French, German and Spanish translations. It is available for download on the OpenRocket official web site.

This version also contain a new functionality that allow you to re-scale a rocket. This new functionality to my knowledge does not exist in other simulation softwares.


I will be at the  MIR in Italy this week-end. A European rocketry meeting that nobody should miss if living in Europe.



I am currently coordinating the translations corrections for version 1.1.6...



A new version of OpenRocket is now available, it does fix some printing problemes under Windows. For more information go to

Note that this version does not contain the translations yet.

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