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Rocket Simulation

OpenRocket official web site

All rocket model motors thrust curves
Some Rocksim rocket design that can be downloaded
Rocksim library Rocksim rocket design that can be downloaded
Rocket calculator

Distribution d'OpenRocket
Sky dart: quelques conseils pour l'utilisation d'OpenRocket

Rocketry Associations

Tripoli France
Tripoli Spain
European rocketry
Tripoli Italy

Tripoli Germany
Tripoli Australie

Various web sites about rocketry

French web site about rocketry

Website showing some of my rocket models
Rocketry in Libya

Rocketry Forums

Italien Rocketry forum
Suisse Rocketry forum (in German)
Bulgarian Rocketry forum
Spanish Rocketry forum
Rocketry forum
Rocketry online
Scale rockets


Eclipse (Java IDE)
Joomla (web site design software)


If you have any other rocketry related links that you want to share contact me.

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