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Compile OpenRocket from sources

You will need to get the latest code from sourceforge using Eclipse and SVN
The following is a quick tutorial to help you getting started. The branch for the translations is the following.

First you need to get Eclipse and a JDK if you haven’t got it already. You also need to install an additional Eclipse module to use SVN.

To install the SVN plugin go to the following link for instructions:


Now that your development environment is all configured this how you can get the OpenRocket source code.


Start Eclipse

Then go to New projet and choose SVN


Enter the OpenRocket sources URL


and choose the trunk branch or I10n (at the moment) if you want to work on the translations.

Enter the name of your project

Click on [Finish] and wait for the code to download on your machine. This can take time it depend on your internet conection speed.


Once the code is on your machine you can modify it, run the application etc...

Attention les sources ont été récupérées en mode lecture dans le seul but des tester vos traductions dans le contexte; si vous désirez participer au développement d'OpenRocket il vous faudra contacter Sampo l'auteur d'OpenRocket pour qu'il vous donne un accès en écriture.

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